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Visual Design Exercises

Due to my background as a QA and my studies in HCI, the area I’ve been most in need of practice is visual design. All exercises represented on this page were taken on with the intention of practicing strictly visual design.

003 - Landing Page.jpg
007 - 404 Page.png

Both these screens were designed to focus solely on visual design — choosing fonts, color schemes, and playing with space to create a landing page and 404 page for a fictional site, Illustrations sourced from

Checkout - Clickable Prototype

This prototype was part of a Daily UI challenge to create a checkout page. I decided to make a checkout for a modern, playful sushi delivery service. Sushi icons by Julie Charrier.

Sign Up Page

001 - Signup Page 2 Second Pass Copy.png

These two screens were part of a Daily UI challenge that was simply to create a sign-up screen. I chose to tackle a sign up for St. Monica’s Amazing Chase, a local team-based scavenger hunt that benefits St. Monica’s, a recovery center for women. The focus here was largely on designing a clean, simple interface to allow a user to sign up their team members and choose individual t-shirt sizes. Illustration from Sketch App Sources.

Pregnancy App Redesign 

Pregnancy App In Phone.jpg

While I was pregnant with my daughter, I was struck by how many pregnancy apps favored a child-like design. Pregnancy is already fraught with some fear for how your life is going to change and the potential of losing your sense of self, and immediately being thrust into a world that seemed more catered to the child than to me felt jarring. I sought to redesign the home screen of the app I was using to track my baby’s development using colors and a style more suited for the true user, an adult woman. All icons sourced from the Noun Project.