Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design & illustration for brands, publications, and people.


Hi, I'm Jessica Versaw.

My career has always centered around users -- in my seven years at Hudl, I've worked in customer support, sales, and as a Quality Engineer. These days, I'm looking to continue focusing on users while incorporating my passion for research and design as a UX Designer. 

I'm currently working on a Masters Degree in Human Computer Interaction at Iowa State University, and have a BA in English as well as a BJ in Advertising & Public Relations from The University of Nebraska.

I'm a sucker for solid microcopy and bold, happy design. I have a strong interest in cognitive psychology and how it can be used to create intuitive design. Research makes me downright giddy (which explains the English degree).

When I'm not designing or writing, I enjoy being outdoors, hunting down the perfect mid-century antique (ask me about Broyhill Brasilia, because I'll definitely talk about it), spinning, listening to practically any true crime podcast, and taking way too many photos of my baby and pets. I also enjoy volunteering with organizations that support women in technology, and co-founded Lincoln's Girls Who Code chapter.




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